Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Moments of 2011

I am typing this as the minutes tick bye bye on 2011. Nothing like waiting to the last minute.

November began with us celebrating our oldest daughters 8th birthday.  She is as sweet as that cupcake!
My heart briefly skips a beat during any of my kids birthday.  One more year I have had the pleasure to love, hold and just be their mom. One year closer of them growing up and finding their own way.  Enjoy every moment it really does go quick.

So for Chaise's birthday we went rollerskating. None of the girls in her party had ever been so you can imagine the chaos and excitement.

Just a few shots of my girls.  All of the girls that came along had a great time and even Mike, Owen and I went around a few times.

Chaise also started basketball with her best friend Alexis and shortly after so did Ella, (which I just noticed I do not have a picture of.)  Hey look I found a picture of Ella at basketball; and if you look close you will notice that she is wearing the leg warmers that her Grandma Jackie made a year or two ago. My little fashion model.  That girl cracks me up. Who wears leg warmers to basketball practice?
Ella is in ballet and has just wrapped up winter session in her performance of the Nutcracker.  She was a Christmas doll, I will post more on that later.  Here she is going to practice I love this picture.
And Chaise is still enjoying her riding lessons. Something tells me that a horse is in this girls future.

Owen is enjoying himself learning the trade of mucking stalls. If I am not mistaken I think this is the day that Grandma and Papa Burrell came and joined us at the Ranch. Of course I don't have any pictures to document this.  


 And now I need to show off Naia's sweet 3 month photos.  Love this girl, she just sparkles.

Just love everything about her. Thank you again Nancy for spoiling me and taking pictures of my sweet girl.  And here are a few pictures of my little man. Notice the fro. Haha love me some curls. He is practicing his look for the ladies. Watch out girls!

 And here is a picture of all my little girls. We are doing a test run for Christmas pictures.
Thanksgiving this year was celebrated at our house with the extra visitor of my brother. It was a wonderful week and a great Thanksgiving day.  Good food, family and a whole lot of fun.
As you can see from the picture above, Levi and Uncle James are having a bonding moment. And below Uncle James is bonding with his youngest niece while working and drinking coffee.  Exciting stuff.

Before uncle James left to go home, he helped us put our Christmas trees up. This is the living room tree all decorated.  Love our Christmas tree.
Owen's Birthday is first in the line up for December.  He turned 3 and I bet you can tell from the cake what the theme was.  

 Cars...Cars and more Cars.. He is one happy little man.  Love all these special pictures.
Nancy once agains captures just the perfect shot.  Note his fro is gone.  So sad the curls are gone, but he is so handsome. Again notice the look ladies. Much cuter with cake on the lips.

Next we have Ella and her school choir performance.  Those kids are adorable.  This is Ella and her pal Haylie. Love those girls and their smiles. These girls look like they are about to headline at a concert.
Next up Naia's 4 month photos.  Something about her eyes. And this girl has an amazing God given hairdo.  If you could see the back you maybe shocked to see she is bald back there.  hahaha.  And her gift for the month is her ability to roll over. Won't be long and she will be crawling.
Notice anything missing?  8 years old and she has only lost 3 teeth.  She has the cutest smile though.
Man that is going to be one big tooth that fills that gap!  We are still waiting for the other one to get loose.
Here is Ella dressed up as a Christmas Doll for her 30 second debut in the Nutcracker by the American Ballet Academy.  All proceeds go to the Salem Pediatric Wing at the hospital.  Great bunch of girls in her class.
That little sweetie that Ella is hugging is a good friend Emmalee.  Her mom rocks by the way.  So Thankful that we got to know each other better this year.  
Whew the holidays are exhausting and it is not even Christmas yet.  My little guy he melts my heart. I totally understand mama's boys.  Love my little man. Thank you God for letting me have this one.

This is the first picture of all four of my sweet little people.  I love it so much.  I had Christmas cards made from this shot, but they were in color. Nancy you did it again.  In this picture Ella is 6, Naia 4 months, Chaise is 8 and Owen is 3.  I think this one is getting blown up and displayed in my front hall
 These next pictures I just love..They seem so old fashion.  I think I need to take photography lessons.

Christmas Eve we had the pleasure of spending with family at the Pearson's.  This is my husbands sister (Brooke's) home.  We had a great time.  Brother Dave fixed and amazing Prime Rib and Brooke made an excellent everything else.  The desert was yummy.  My sis can bake!! You Rock Pearsons!!  My kids had a fabulous time playing with their cousins. Which they always do.  Okay, I don't know what it is with boys, but they never sit still like girls.  If it was not one boy blurring up the picture it was the other. This was the only one I had that was not blurry but you only see the back of Levi's head. Next time I am going to have one of the 6 girls sit on them.
Here is the Burrell Grandparents and their littlest Granddaughter.
Papa was the only one that could get this little peanut to sleep this day.
I just love this little outfit Naia is wearing.. I found the little dark silver tutu by chance at Old Navy and I matched it with a cute little ruffle shirt and those cute black and white stripe tights.  She was adorable
and only made more adorable by the cute little bows that she received as a Christmas gift from Uncle and Auntie Pearsons.  

Christmas came and we had a great celebration of Jesus's Birthday. We sang Happy Birthday and we opened gifts.  Than Grandma and Papa Burrell stopped by on their way home and we had baked Potato soup.  We have that every year for Christmas dinner. mmmm on this cold New Years eve night it sounds heavenly.  I trust you all had a great Christmas celebration with your families and friends.

Here we are on New Years Day.  Mike and I went out on a date day.  We got a sitter and went to brunch at the most awesome place.  Word of mouth.  If you are in Salem Oregon. GO!  If you every visit here do not leave until you have had the delight in eating there.  This is Mike as we await his spicy bloody mary.  Yes I said spicy and it was hot!!! He is crazy! that drank burned going down.
Here he is about to shock his body into action!! He became quite talkative after a few sips.  If you know Mike you know that he is not talkative.  It was hilarious. I think the spice got his mouth and brain in motion.
Yes I took a picture of my breakfast.  Whats the point in having a smart phone if you can't do stuff like this. Plus I wanted my brother to see that my Brunch was better than his Mexican lunch! I win!! This is Creme brûlée French toast with bacon and eggs.  Mike had Eggs Benedict. Not only was the food delicious, but the staff was so friendly.  I mean incredibly friendly.
After Brunch I dragged my hubby to Real Deals.  He so did not want to go, but we had an hour to kill before the movie. Unfortunately for me nothing caught my eye so we headed to the theater.
For Mission Impossible 4 and it was awesome!!! Man it was intense. I would have sat there and watched it again if given the chance. Well since we did not have time to see it again we stop in man land; aka the sportsman warehouse of killing animals store and than got some Starbucks.  Love the peppermint hot chocolate. Than off to home where I ran into my sweet neighbors.  (That came and caroled us earlier prior to Christmas. ) I helped him put their tree away and brought them Owen's crib bedding for their soon to be arriving bundle of joy.  So excited for them.  I am still so pumped that they came over singing Christmas Carols.  I always want someone to come and carol us and I will always remember it.  Just makes me smile. Maybe next year I will haul all of us to spread some joy.  What a great day and a great way to end it.  

Well there is just under an hour left in 2011. This year has been full of many heartaches for our family and extended family . We have lost loved ones, relationships, friendships, jobs, But we have gained also. Babies, jobs, relationship with family, and friends, hope.  I pray that none of you have to endure the difficulties that we had, but if you do, the trials do end and the end result could bring about something amazing. I wish you all a fabulous 2012. Don't let the difficulties of the past hold you back.  As Angela Thomas said to a bunch of us ladies in January 2011 at a Cannon Beach retreat.  Be the Sunshine.


  1. Wow what an update on the Burrell home!! Great to see all those beautiful faces!!! And Owen is SOOOOO stinkin' old looking!!! Wozers!! Looks like a great year and so many things to be thankful for!

  2. I think it time for another update :)